A catalyst for economic and social transformation

A vehicle for promoting undervalued assets and human capital in the digital economy.

About us

SAANACapital, LLC is a Princeton, NJ (USA) based venture capital (VC) entity that infuses incubator practices in creating and advancing a variety of high-impact business initiatives that widen access and digital participation.

Our aim is to support and catalyze the growth of entrepreneurial ventures to drive the marvelous societal transformations of the digital economy.

Our investment outlay targets the Digital Technology sector specifically, consumer aggregation and financial intermediation enabled by digital financial services (DFS)covering the broad scope of payment gateways, international funds remittance(IFR), cross border bill payment and, enterprise technology services (SaaS).

We are primarily focused on Africa and our risk capital supports ventures with a strong potential to make a substantial impact in the way Africans live and experience the world. Our current portfolio holdings extend to entities in the USA, andAfrica.

The key mission of our fund is to drive the creation of digital infrastructure to connect African nations and break down age-old barriers to cross border trade and payments.

How we invest (our process)


Though consideration for investment for individual businesses vary, the central theme or organizing investment principle of SAANA Capital remains consistent - opportunities that effectively tackle identified consumer pain-points. Such an opportunity must address the rapid growth of underlying assets and include a clear path for value creation and environmental impact and sustainability.


Our emphasis is always on compelling “ideas” with an overarching vision capable of creating a transformational impact in their market segment.Such a vision must also be underlined by access to a proprietary knowledge base and human capital. In addition to risk capital, we provide other complementary facilities necessary to realize desired business outcomes.


A key aspect of our execution strategy involves the use of Incubator-method. This model incorporates a business assistance program to nurture seed enterprises (startups) during the period when they are most vulnerable. The aim is to provide the most essential support to facilitate their development. The primary goal of our business incubation program is to produce financially viable businesses in two to three years.


Opportunities and entities selected for investment have the following characteristics in common: potential synergy with existing portfolio companies, potential for future growth and excellent chances of making a significant social contribution to their communities (productivity and growth)and the general profit of mankind. We believe that the profit motive and the public good are not mutually exclusive.


SAANA Capital makes both control and minority investments, and is in all cases an active participant in the development and execution of strategy and management input required for the growth of portfolio companies.

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